(BRe³) The Energy Your Plants Have Been Missing


Nurturing Your Grow with Positive Energy


Bringing the Sun to Your Indoor Grow House


A Grow House Essential


The Wand is a patented and patent-pending technology, a high quality slim LED fixture, 46″ in length, designed to be installed alongside current grow lights, over your plants. The Wand delivers precise, yet naturally occurring, wavelengths of light that enhance photosynthesis and the life sustaining processes within plants, maintaining the levels of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids as intended by mother nature.

BRe³ Positive Energy for your Plants, Negative Energy for Pathogens


The Wand is a pesticide-free way to combat powdery mildew and other pathogens that infect and destroy cannabis plants. Once installed, the Wand delivers positive BRe³ energy, absorbed by the plants chloroplasts  and chlorophyll . This positive BRe³ energy stimulates photosynthesis, cellular respiration and  the production of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP).  ATP is vital for your plants to assimilate CO2 and water to make Glucose and lovely Oxygen for us to breath. Stimulating plant  processes means better growth, and a visibly healthier plant. The healthier the plant, the stronger its natural defense system against infestations.  But our proven BRe³ is toxic to pathogens, blocking their important life processes, so they cannot grow or live. A remarkable symbiosis between us and the plant.

Stimulating Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration


The Wand stimulates two of the most essential plant processes; photosynthesis and cellular respiration. Typically, today’s grow lighting solutions do not have the technology to rival the balanced natural light energy delivered by the sun, as they don’t provide a full spectrum of differing light wavelengths that plants receive while growing outdoors in the wild. Our BRe³ energy keeps this plant growth cycle in optimum balance for maximum health and plant development. This mean faster, stronger healthy plant growth.

BRe³ the technology behind the Wand

Our BRe³ light energy delivers specific wavelengths that your indoor grow is missing; our wavelengths of light are unique to the market. This is a patented, cultivator validated technology, the first of its kind in the world. Our BRe³ energy is field proven and our scientific advances underpin numerous commercial applications that we are taking globally.

Our Mission

To empower and support medical and adult-use recreational cultivators to grow natural, clean, healthy cannabis plants.  Cultivators trust us to provide cutting-edge lighting solutions, enabling them to grow stronger plants, achieve greater yields and realize increased revenues

Our Vision

To transform the cannabis industry to a pesticide and chemical free, natural, safe and clean environment, providing high-quality product to consumers

We work tirelessly and passionately to deliver a real solution, enabling you to protect your grow and your investment. With our distributors, we are committed to the utmost level of personal service and support.

“Trust Hydroponics is excited to report that our plants growing under the Bioradiance³ Wand are experiencing consistent increases in nutrient uptake and as a result are stronger and healthier. We have completed four Clone to Harvest cycles and are consistently seeing 50%+ increase in our liquids/nutrients uptake.”

Wade CorleyNutrient Uptake Dramatically UP on the NFT45 Hydroponic System

We have proven that the application of the BioRadiance³ Wand over clones will produce clean and healthy plant propagates. BRe³ Light Therapy cleans Cannabis Clones completely.

Benjamin F GrantBFG Crop Consulting - (707) 296-0566

After repeatedly proving that the Wand stimulates photosynthesis and in turn provokes greater ATP production, we have concluded that the unique light spectrum from the Wand is accelerating this germination process.

Trust Hydroponics Greatly Improved Seedling Germination with Monty Python Strain

It truly is the missing wavelength of light that makes a difference. Stronger and bigger - healthier of course. Slash you pest management budget. Increase your yields.
Eliminate harmful chemicals from your plants.

Dan GuruP2PRI (Producer to Patient Rhode Island)

We installed the Wand in our Medical growing application, at that time we were fighting the mildew problem. Ten days later, the mildew has completely vanished, and the mildew has not returned.

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