From Contaminated to Clean

In the hills of Southern Humboldt County, a greenhouse crop of legal cannabis was heavily infested with Russet Mites and Powdery Mildew.  Despite the growers’ diligent efforts, harvesting revealed the extent of the fungal damage.  The growers lamented that all of their hard-work was in vain and that their crop would be an unsalable disaster.


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Our “Brand New” Brand



Dear Loyal Supporters,
We are proud to unveil our new identity BioRadiance Grow Science, an evolution of our brand.  As you can imagine, rebranding The Pathogen Death Wand Company was highly emotive for our team who built the business from Day 1.  But with exciting plant growth acceleration discoveries, in addition to clean healthy growing benefits obtained with our BRe3™ Wand energy, we felt it was time for a fresh new look!



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