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October 2018

Why you need our Missing Wavelengths of Light Energy for your plants and your Grow !

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For millions of years plants have evolved and require the Sun’s full spectrum of light. Yet today’s commercial grow lights provide a limited range of light: photosynthetic active radiation (PAR). This limits plant growth, weakens its defenses and jeopardizes its overall health and quality.  
Fortunately, BioRadiance Grow Science has developed the BRe³ Wand, a slim, high quality LED supplemental light fixture that provides a unique energy cocktail of “missing wavelengths” that are necessary for optimal plant growth. Third party laboratory and real time testing in growing facilities across North America have proven beyond a shadow of doubt how effective the BRe³ “missing wavelengths” are on plants. At the same time BRe³ is accelerating your plant growth by stimulating the plant’s photosynthesis process, it is protecting your crop from Pathogens like PM, Molds and Bacteria. The Wand is the only supplemental light fixture that supplies this essential light and adds minimal operating cost with virtually no labor or maintenance expenses.  Equally important, BRe³ is NOT UV.
Plants depend on the Sun’s full spectrum of light energy for essential life processes
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