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Increased Yield 25% to 34.83% + Increased Potency 10.05% – Performance Series 01

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 Increased Yield 25% to 34.83%  + Increased Potency 10.05%

Performance Series 01

Welcome to our Professionals Performance Series, we will be sharing our proven success from field testing with professional cultivators. Our BRe³ Wand has consistently helped growers across the US and Canada to supercharge their plants and achieve their most productive yields, ever !

Improved Grow Yield up to 34.83%

  • BRe³ Wand improved overall Yield by 34.83%, Artisan Master Grower, MA, 2018 vs 2017 Yields, due to addition of BRe³ Wand. Prior average 0.89 gram of finished cannabis per watt of power delivered to plants. Adding our BRe³ Wand,  grow is consistently averaging 1.2 grams per watt of energy delivered to plants.

Improved Grow Yield by 25%

  • Year over Year, Trust Hydroponics 2018 vs 2017 Yields, recording yields crop after crop before the Wand. They averaged 1 gram of finished cannabis per watt of power delivered to his plants. Now with the BRe³ Wand, cultivator is averaging 1.25 grams per watt of energy delivered to his plants.

Increased THC Potency by 10.05%

  • California field trial full grow -THC Levels increased by 10.05% in Crème Brulee, Sterling Pacific field trial, Summer 2018. Lab Tested.

What is the BRe³ Wand?

The BRe³ Wand is a slim, highly engineered, supplemental and synergistic powerful LED light bar, designed to be installed alongside your current grow lights.  When installed properly at 18-20” above the plants, the Wand supercharges plants and drives positive plant growth by simultaneously:

  1. accelerating the rate of photosynthesis with balanced cellular respiration, resulting in more ATP production and increased nutrient uptake.
  2. naturally destroying pathogens like Powdery Mildew, fungi and bacteria.
  3. naturally improving cell repair and improving plant hormone functionality.

The Wands deliver our focussed energy, we call it BRe³.   BRe³ gives you the simultaneous power of three.

BioRadiance Grow Science is a World First Science Company that owns patented and proven technology that delivers the all-important “Missing Wavelengths of Safe Light” that all current Grow Lights cannot. We call our Light Energy BRe³.  It is our proprietary cocktail of positive light energy for your plants and negative light energy for pathogens.

Our light devices are not UV and have consistently proven and delivered exceptional results for both Indoor and Greenhouse growers across the USA and Canada.  We call the device the BRe³ Wand.

BRe³ –  World First Science  

Positive Energy for Plants and Negative Energy for Pathogens

To Eliminate Cannabis Crop Test Failures, Look to BioRadiance Grow Science

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LONDON, December 11, 2018 – BioRadiance Grow Science, a developer and producer of proprietary LED lighting solutions that accelerate growth and production while preventing pathogen infection, has a natural, clean solution for cultivators regulated by stringent state cannabis testing standards.  According to MJ Business Daily (Sept. 11, 2018- ‘Nearly a fifth of California marijuana products failing testing standards’), “Close to 20% of marijuana products in California have failed tests for potency and purity since the state started requiring the checks on July 1.”  James Henry, CEO for BioRadiance Grow Science added, “Growers have a duty of care to provide a safe, clean and natural end-product to the consumer, having a nearly 1 in 5 failure rate is both frightening and staggering.  A failed result not only affects your sales but your invaluable reputation in the industry.”

BioRadiance Grow Science has a proven, natural safe solution for consistently controlling and destroying pathogens; fungi and bacteria.  The BRe³ Wand has dramatically reduced grower IPM budgets and fungicide applications are now a thing of the past. The BRe³ Wand is a supplemental light fixture designed to be installed alongside all current grow lights. The Wand delivers a unique cocktail of light energy called, BRe³  – Positive Energy for the Plants, Negative Energy for the Pathogens. Multiple studies have PROVEN this with our Growers, who have not only had zero disease pressure but have also achieved stronger more productive yields.


BRe³ energy disables receptors of iron dependent bacteria killing them by blasting at their functional life processes; stopping them from growing and replicating. BRe³ light energy builds-up ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species) in bacteria and fungal cells.  ROS is toxic and causes cellular damage by breaking down the cellular membranes and destroying the enzymatic complex of cytochrome-C oxidase of bacteria and fungi. The Wand is especially effective against Powdery Mildew plus it is a safe, non-UV light.  Cannabis samples can now pass the established testing protocols each state regulates and requires by eliminating fungicide spray, foliar applications and the subsequent residue. “Our goal is simple,” said James Henry, “we have a solution that can solve this problem, naturally, for all cultivators and grow operations striving to produce clean cannabis for all Medicinal and Recreational Products.”

BioRadiance’s patented World First Science, the BRe³ Wand has consistently demonstrated to growers across North America upwards of 35% greater yield by simultaneously eliminating disease pressure and stimulating photosynthesis growth.  

Proven Performer Key Highlights of the BRe³ Wand:

(a) stimulating and accelerating the rate of photosynthesis with more ATP produced

(b) naturally improving cellular repair

(c) naturally improving plant hormone function

(d) creating a disease-free environment

(e) boosting growth and yield  

BioRadiance Grow Science is looking to establish a working relationship with cultivators across the US and Canada. Each state has best practices rules in place on how to get the final product lab certified, but with BioRadiance as part of a cultivator’s arsenal, these tests will no longer be an issue.  Stated James Henry, “We stand by our professional, ethical and science driven culture and with our proprietary wavelengths of light.  We are providing the cleanest and healthiest solution to having the peace of mind worry-free growing this industry requires.

BioRadiance Grow Science is aware of the absolute need for confidentiality on information. Any knowledge that we acquire through our relationship with cultivators will be held under strict two-way non-disclosures for the security of all involved.

For further information on our unique Science or contact Steven Cady (COO) at 603.475.1444 / StevenC@BioRadiance3.com to discuss all opportunities further.   

BioRadiance Grow Science is the exclusive manufacturer of the BRe³ Wands.  Through innovative design and science based technology, BioRadiance is committed to transforming the cannabis industry to pesticide and chemical-free while ensuring a natural, safe and clean indoor grow environment.  Headquartered in London, England with satellite locations in Ontario Canada and Southern California,

Why you need our Missing Wavelengths of Light Energy for your plants and your Grow !

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For millions of years plants have evolved and require the Sun’s full spectrum of light. Yet today’s commercial grow lights provide a limited range of light: photosynthetic active radiation (PAR). This limits plant growth, weakens its defenses and jeopardizes its overall health and quality.  
Fortunately, BioRadiance Grow Science has developed the BRe³ Wand, a slim, high quality LED supplemental light fixture that provides a unique energy cocktail of “missing wavelengths” that are necessary for optimal plant growth. Third party laboratory and real time testing in growing facilities across North America have proven beyond a shadow of doubt how effective the BRe³ “missing wavelengths” are on plants. At the same time BRe³ is accelerating your plant growth by stimulating the plant’s photosynthesis process, it is protecting your crop from Pathogens like PM, Molds and Bacteria. The Wand is the only supplemental light fixture that supplies this essential light and adds minimal operating cost with virtually no labor or maintenance expenses.  Equally important, BRe³ is NOT UV.
Plants depend on the Sun’s full spectrum of light energy for essential life processes
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