BioRadiance³ Advantage

We are ONLY company and First in the world that deploy “missing wavelengths” of sunlight to supercharge the plants with energy and make them grow stronger and healthier with the yield increase.

The Bioradience technology was born in a Nobel Prize Laureate’s lab and its world-class discoveries can be nominated to the Nobel Prize during the next years. There are many strong and solid reasons for this statement;

Our concept of “missing wavelengths” is proven in many trials and third-party tests in the USA, Canada and other countries.

We are ONLY company in the world that can offer an environmentally sound solution to improve the efficacy of EVERY types of grow lights from 20 to 50% with a very little additional cost.

Our BRe³ Wands have very quick ROI, (usually in 3- 5 growing cycles), and are very easy to install and use;

The Bioradience technology has double benefits to the plants- it accelerates the growth and yield of the plants and control pathogens (bacteria and fungi/mold) at the same time;

We are ONLY company that offers to the growers a unique; multi-benefit solution with a reduction of operation costs- lowering energy consumption and substantial reduction of usage of synthetic chemicals such as fungicides and pesticides.

The Bioradience technology is 100% Safe for humans, animals and plants;

We have a Global market for our products;

We are UNIQUE! Our Bioradience³ technology does not have any direct competitors on the market at the meantime.