OUR SCIENCE – “Triple Action Effect” = BRe³



Increasing the rate of photosynthesis and carbon dioxide assimilation is paramount to achieving biomass accumulation and maximum growth = larger, stronger and healthier plants. The rate of growth in your plants is determined by many factors including plant genetics and health, and the availability of core resources like Water, Carbon Dioxide, Nutrients and Light Energy.




1st: BRe³ is our patented cocktail of light energy, which stimulates and accelerates the rates of photosynthesis and cellular respiration, cellular repair and hormone production and activity.

2nd: BRe³ simultaneously destroys pathogens before they can ruin your plants. Healthy plants need to grow free of pathogens trying to invade them, primarily bacteria and fungi/mold/mildew. We have obtained stunning bacterial destruction levels of up to 99.998% in 12 hours, verified by an independent lab.  We consistently prevent mold and mildew outbreaks for cultivators.

3rd: Our BRe³ energy keeps the cannabis plant growth cycle in optimum balance for maximum health and maturity development, doing so naturally and safely.  Our light energy improves the cellular repair process and keeps cells living longer.

The end result of growing under BRe³ is fast, strong and healthy plant growth, all the while protecting and maintaining the levels of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids as intended by Mother Nature. BRe³ is healthy for plants, toxic to pathogens.


BRe³ stimulates the photosynthetic activities of plants and their cellular respiration process, increasing production of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) in photosynthesis and oxidative phosphorylation. Photophosphorylation occurs during photosynthesis and oxidative phosphorylation during cellular respiration. These activities enable the plant to maintain its dynamic balance between photosynthesis and cellular respiration during the day and night cycles. These accelerated activities are especially related to carbon dioxide uptake, synthesis of secondary metabolites and plant hormones, but at a faster pace.  This means more nutrient uptake.

Simultaneously, BRe³ energy negatively blasts at functional life processes in Bacteria and Fungi Mold/Mildew, stopping them from developing or replicating. BRe³ light energy blasts into the bacterial cell and (photo)activates molecules within the cell. ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species) are produced in excess. Build-up of ROS is toxic and causes cellular damage.


Our BRe³ energy is non-UV, safe for humans thus safe for your grow teams.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is BRe³?

BRe³  is a proven patent pending Light Energy Science Technology that (1) provides energy to support healthier and stronger plant life cycles by promoting natures own “organic life processes” (grown with less chemicals), and (2) rapidly destroys and continuously eliminates many species of fungi and most bacteria within plants, resulting in Greater Cannabis Safety and Superior Health Security.

Is the BRe³ Science Safe?

Yes. This patent pending technology is scientifically proven safe for plants, humans and animals. BRe³ is made up of beneficial frequency combinations all of which are part of our Sun’s spectrum that cannabis plants fully utilize.

Does BRe³ support Organic Cannabis cultivation?

Yes, it does by allowing a grower to decrease or eliminate the use of artificial and synthetic chemicals from Seed 2 Sale. BRe³ is an organic control energy against infestations like Powdery Mildew and bacteria. The BRe³ light delivers wavelengths produced by the Sun making them organic in nature. BRe³ light does not cause molecular ionization (the breaking apart of molecules into ions) and doesn’t produce free radicals due to its low energy levels. All applications of BRe³ are fully compatible with the organic growing standards for any plant.

Is the Wand a proven technology in the Cannabis Industry?

Yes, it is. BRe³ light delivers combinations of wavelengths at different intervals to accomplish two things (1) promote the enhancement of photosynthesis and life sustaining processes within the plant like cellular repair keeping the natural levels of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids as Mother Nature intended, and (2) rapidly destroys pathogens on top and within ALL plants.

Does the Wand destroy Powdery Mildew?

Yes, it does and the time it takes to eliminate the Mildew depends upon the extent of the infestation.

Does the Wand destroy Botrytis?

Yes, it does and the time it takes to eliminate the Botrytis depend upon the extent of the infestation.

Does the Wand destroy Bacteria?

Yes, BRe³ eliminates bacteria like E. coli and Listeria quickly. Some bacteria may require longer exposure times.

Can a grower stop using fungicides, herbicides and pesticides?

If a grower installs the Wand units correctly and uses them from Seed 2 Sale they will decrease the harmful pathogens thereby reducing or eliminating the need for expensive chemicals.

What is the best application of the Wand?

Install the Wand in every room from Seed 2 Sale

What does the Wand mean to the Seed 2 Sale process?

The wand will protect and enhance cannabis plants during germination, cloning, vegetative and flowering stages and even in the Cure Room.

Should a grow operation use a Wand in the Cure room?

A Wand installed in a dark cure Room will continue to destroy pathogens. The Wand emits no visible light except for a small green LED indicator which has no effect on the curing cannabis.

Will the wand increase my yield potential?

Yes, the Wand will enhance crop yield by aiding cellular respiration, cellular repair and by producing more CO2 for photosynthesis promoting extra growth.

Is the Wand only for commercial growers?

The Wand will work for ANY grower.

What other benefits does a Wand have for plants?

The Wand adds energy to all plants. The plants can use that energy for cellular repair (making them healthier) and for bolstering their defenses against pests. The BRe³ energy will also benefit cellular respiration which provides extra CO2 to promote enhanced photosynthesis and improve yield. In the final analysis the light’s benefits are: (1) kills harmful pathogens, (2) adds health, strength and life to the plant, (3) adds to the plants growth for improved yield.

I have additional questions, what is the best way to get answers?

Use the Contact Us page to submit your questions and we will respond within 24 hours. If you need answers more quickly please call 760 289 7917 and someone in our customer support department will be happy to respond.