The Wand

The Wand is a “World First” science product, an innovative light technology that stimulates essential plant processes, ensuring the plants reach their full genetic potential while simultaneously combating pathogens.  The Wand delivers the “missing wavelengths” of safe light your plants have been missing and not found in any other grow light in the market.  Our BRe3 energy within The Wand stimulates photosynthesis, cellular respiration, and the production of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP).   In cannabis plants, increased ATP levels in your plants means an increase in nutrient uptake, ensuring that your plants can produce all the sugars, proteins and lipids they require for healthy, strong growth.

The Wand is designed to be installed alongside your grow lights, but it is set apart by it’s combative attributes. The light’s patented and cultivator validated spectrum technology defends against pathogens that destroy cannabis crops, including powdery mildew.  As such, this technology offers a pesticide-free way to protect your plants.  Moreover,  The Wand uses less electricity than other supplemental LED lights, providing a three-fold value in beneficial growth, preventative care, and affordability.

Optimize your grow at every stage”


Protecting your most valuable asset


Increase germination rate


Faster rooting, faster growth, more leaves


Provides protection and nurturing growth environment


Stronger clean growth, happy plants, maximize your yields


Continued protection, clean and pathogen free, supporting your yield

“Trust Hydroponics is excited to report that our plants growing under the Pathogen Death Wand are experiencing consistent increases in nutrient uptake and as a result are stronger and healthier. We have completed four Clone to Harvest cycles and are consistently seeing 50%+ increase in our liquids/nutrients uptake.”

Wade CNutrient Uptake Dramatically UP on the NFT45 Hydroponic System

We have proven that the application of the Pathogen Death Wand over clones will produce clean and healthy plant propagates.

Benjamin G.BRe³ Light Therapy Cleans Cannabis Clones Completely

After repeatedly proving that the Wand stimulates photosynthesis and in turn provokes greater ATP production, we have concluded that the unique light spectrum from the Wand is accelerating this germination process.

Trust HydroponicsGreatly Improved Seedling Germination with Monty Python Strain

It truly is the missing wavelength of light that makes a difference. Stronger and bigger - healthier of course. Slash you pest management budget. Increase your yields.
Eliminate harmful chemicals from your plants.

Dan GuruP2PRI (Producer to Patient Rhode Island)

We installed the Wand in our Medical growing application, at that time we were fighting the mildew problem. Ten days later, the mildew has completely vanished, and the mildew has not returned.

Paul JonesGrand Rapids, Michigan